Since photography has become omnipresent in our lives we tend to perceive the world from a single viewpoint; the viewpoint of a camera. This monocular view however does not acknowledge the complex and manifold character of the human perception, nor the possibilities of the photographic medium itself. We believe that photography has the power to act as a model of reality instead of merely being a means to document it.

With our work we investigate our visual perception of space and explore how to convey an intense visual and physical experience of specific places. By using different modes of representation such as perspectival drawing systems and optical illusions, we create images which perturb mental clichés at both conceptual and formal levels.

In our current series Shadow-Light-Reflection we employ photographic sequences to reconstruct a particular landscape – for instance a cedar forest or a group of wild mimosa trees – from a multiplicity of viewpoints. These photographic works, where the gaze of the beholder no longer matches that of the camera, break loose from the constraints of the conventional depiction of space and the optical laws of photography. They reveal a more ‘haptic’ spatiality – close to the ideals of the early Modernists and Chinese Shan Shui painters – challenging visual perception and inviting the viewer to look without preconceptions. 

– Elodie Hiryczuk & Sjoerd van Oevelen