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Elodie Hiryczuk and Sjoerd van Oevelen work collaboratively since 2002. 
They are represented by → andriesse eyck galerie and live and work in Amsterdam.


Elodie Hiryczuk

Born 1977, Avignon, France

1999-2001   Sandberg Institute (MFA), Fine Arts, Amsterdam
1998           Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Explorative Pattern Cutting, London
1997           University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Philosophy, Courses on Gilles Deleuze, Amsterdam
1995-1999   Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art and Design (BFA), VAV – Audio Visual Arts, Amsterdam


Sjoerd van Oevelen

Born 1974, Steenbergen, NL

1997-1998   Architectural Association School of Architecture (RIBA Part 1), London
1997           University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Philosophy, Courses on Gilles Deleuze, Amsterdam
1992-1997   Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art and Design (BDes), Architectural Design, Amsterdam


Awards/ Stipends/ AIR

2015           Artist in Residence in Tokyo | AIT Arts Initiative Tokyo, Japan i.c.w. Mondriaan Fund
2013           Mondriaan Fund, Grant for Commissioning Contemporary Art i.c.w. DordtYart, Dordrecht
2012           Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Grant for Development and Research, Amsterdam
2011           Mondriaan Fund, Stipend for Established Artists
2011           Mondriaan Fund, Project Investment
2010           Mondriaan Fund, Publication Grant
2009           Artists In Residence in Nagele, Noordoostpolder | Museum de Paviljoens, Almere
2009           Artists In Residence in Seydisfjördur | Skaftfell Centre for Visual Arts, Iceland       
2008           Mondriaan Fund, Stipend for Established Artists
2007           Nomination 13th Van Bommel Van Dam Prize, Venlo
2007           Mondriaan Fund, Project Investment
2005           Red Dot Award, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Essen
2004           Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Grant for Art in Public Space, Amsterdam


Solo exhibitions

2016           Bradwolff Projects, Peaks of Present, Amsterdam (upcoming May 22 - June 11)
2012           Museum De Paviljoens, Perspective of Disappearance | Mapping Flevoland, Nagele
2011           Galerie de Expeditie, Field Experiments, Amsterdam
2009           Skaftfell Centre for Visual Arts | Bokasafn, Senur Fengnar ad Láni, Seydisfjördur, Iceland
2008           De KunstKapel | The Temporary Museum, Perspective of Disappearance, Amsterdam
2007           Galerie de Expeditie, Sceneries, Amsterdam
2002           Sandberg2 | De Mariakapel, Watching with a Detached Gaze, Hoorn


Selected group exhibitions

2016           PuntWG, Anarchic Infrastructures, Amsterdam
2015           De Drie Heuvelen, Ghost Dwellings, Amsterdam
2015           Art Rotterdam | andriesse eyck galerie, Rotterdam
2014           De Drie Heuvelen, oh no! they did not..., Amsterdam
2013           DordtYart, Edition 2013, Dordrecht, NL (→ online video)
2013           Museum De Paviljoens, People can only deal with the fantasy..., Almere
2012           Contemporary Istanbul | Galerie de Expeditie, Istanbul
2012           Art Rotterdam | Galerie de Expeditie, Rotterdam
2011           Gemeente Museum Den Haag, SummerExpo, The Hague (cat)
2009           Bureau APPR, Gubbelstraat 38, The Cassini Cruise, Maastricht
2008           Museum De Paviljoens, Localisms, Almere
2008           Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Poldergeist, Vijfhuizen (cat)
2007           ARTissima 14 | Galerie de Expeditie, Turin
2007           deWILLEM3 | Film by the Sea Festival, Zien en Gezien Worden, Vlissingen
2007           Art Rotterdam | Galerie de Expeditie, Rotterdam
2007           Galerie de Expeditie, Short Presentation, Amsterdam
2007           Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, 13th Van Bommel Van Dam Prize, Venlo (cat)
2006           FIAC | Galerie de Expeditie, Paris
2006           Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Red Dot Award Winners, Essen (cat)
2005           FIAC | Galerie de Expeditie, Paris
2005           Bonnefanten Hedge House Foundation, A Guest + A Host = A Ghost, Wijlre (cat)
2004           Exposorium VU, Perspective: Designs for the VU and Zuidas, Amsterdam
2002           Youth festival De Opkomst, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (cat)


Artist publications

2011          Hiryczuk/Van Oevelen: Landfall, edit. Marente Bloemheuvel & Zsa-Zsa Eyck, Jap Sam Books


Public projects & commissions

2013           DordtYart, Shadow-Light-Reflection, 3 new photographic works, Dordrecht
2011           Museum De Paviljoens & Flevoland, Garden of Contested Meanings (proposal), Nagele
2010           Erasmus Medical Center, Nature is My Garden, photographic installation, Rotterdam
2008           Erasmus Medical Center, The Surtsey Series, 13 panorama photographs, Rotterdam
2008           LU Medical Centre, Anamnesis (proposal), Leiden
2005-2010   Virtual Museum Zuidas, Landfall, photographic project in public space, Amsterdam
2002           Virtual Museum Zuidas, .n.i.s., manifest for art in Zuidas (proposal), Amsterdam


Lectures & tutorials

2016           AKI Academy of Art and Design | Moving Image dpt., lecture & workshop, Enschede 
2016           PuntWG | Anarchic Infrastructures symposium, lecture, i.c.w. Alena Alexandrova, Amsterdam
2016           SNDO | Theater School, lecture, Amsterdam
2015           De Drie Heuvelen | Ghost Dwellings, lecture & guided tour, Amsterdam
2015           Arts Initiative Tokyo, lecture, Tokyo
2015           SNDO | Theater School, lecture & workshop, i.c.w. Katarina Bakatsaki, Amsterdam
2014           De Drie Heuvelen | oh no! they did not..., lecture, Amsterdam
2014           Institute for Philosophy, lecture, i.c.w. philosopher Robin Brouwer, Amsterdam
2014           Lost & Found, artist talk, De Waag, Amsterdam
2014           SNDO | Theater School, lecture, Amsterdam
2014           Royal Academy of Arts & Design KABK | Graphic Design dpt., lecture & tutorials, The Hague
2014           Royal Academy of Arts & Design KABK | ALEPH Lab, lectures & workshop, The Hague
2014           University of Amsterdam | Critical Cultural Theory, lecture, i.c.w. Sybrandt van Keulen, Amsterdam
2013           Lost & Found Studio Visit, lecture, Amsterdam
2013           DordtYart, lecture and interview, Dordrecht
2013           Sculpture Network Forum 2013, presentation, DordtYart, Dordrecht
2013           SNDO | Theater School, lecture and guest tutorials 4th year, Amsterdam
2011           Royal Academy of Visual Arts KABK | Artists’ Theories, lecture, The Hague (→ online video)
2011           Artistic Research UvA@ Sandberg Institute, experts during workshop, Amsterdam
2011           Royal Academy of Visual Arts KABK | Studium Generale, lecture, The Hague 
2010           Gerrit Rietveld Academy | Studium Generale: Becoming Minority, discussion, Amsterdam
2009           SNDO | Theater School, lecture, Amsterdam
2009           Skaftfell Centre for Visual Arts, lecture, Seydisfjördur, Iceland
2008           Academy of Architecture, lecture, Amsterdam
2008           De KunstKapel, lecture, Amsterdam
2007           Gerrit Rietveld Academy | Studium Generale: Deal with the Truth, lecture, Amsterdam
2006           Gerrit Rietveld Academy | Studium Generale: The Kitchen Table,  lecture, Amsterdam
2005           VU Medical Centre, lecture, Amsterdam
2004           Gerrit Rietveld Academy | Studium Generale: Cities and Eyes, lecture, Amsterdam
2003           Gerrit Rietveld Academy | Audio Visual dpt., guest tutorials 4th year, Amsterdam
2002           Gerrit Rietveld Academy | Graphic Design dpt., guest tutorials 3rd/4th year, Amsterdam
2001           Gerrit Rietveld Academy | Basic Year, lecture and studio visit, Amsterdam



AMC, Amsterdam
Museum De Paviljoens, Almere
Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam
City of Seydisfjördur, Iceland
VandenEnde Foundation, Amsterdam
Bonnefanten Hedge House Foundation, Wijlre
Private collections